Remember when you KNEW you could do ANYTHING?





You may be wondering how I could be bold enough to talk about YOU when we may have not even met!

Well, people visit pages like this because something does not feel good within themselves.  It may be because the world is funky right now words can’t be put to it, and its amplifying everything that felt like small troubles before.  Maybe you are going through a relationship ending and don’t know who you are as an individual anymore.  Perhaps there is a dream you had that has died within you and you feel like a part of you has also died. You want a spark of ANYTHING back again.  Or, you have a new spark and it feels too big and are unsure how to navigate. You KNOW change is needed, but change also feels so uncomfortable.  You tied things before and if faded away so fast or blew up in some horribly spectacular way.  Staying safe felt good for a bit and now it feels like its crushing you, taking every breath of life away. 

I am bold enough to put an about YOU page on this site because I have lived all of those things.  For years it felt so wrong to ask for help.  I am strong and smart, I can figure things out!  What I did not realize is I am limited by what I know.  Sometimes I could read a book and get some sort of clarity, but it would fade out because I did not have accountability or a person there to talk to and get deeper with.  A $25 book can be put back on the shelf and forgotten about when things get hard. When I invested in myself and really WANTED to do the work and let go of the old, my world changed.  It was not always easy, but it was not easy feeling like I was going to live a worthless existence. 

What is your new life worth?  What is it costing you to live the way you are right now?  Only YOU know these answers.  My prices are not hidden.  Click the “Book Online” link at the top of the page (Or in the menu if viewing on a mobile device).  You can see the rates without ANY commitment.  Then you can do the calculations of how much you are losing by staying the same or spiraling down further. 

Also, you may want to have a phone call with me to make sure we are right for each other.  I could not agree more!  Let’s have a 15 minute call. To schedule that, please email me at  This call is not a sales pitch or to get answers to all of your problems.  It’s taken you a lifetime to get where you are, to solve everything in 15 minutes is just not realistic, but a few people have expected this. 

You deserve to live your dreams, you deserve to feel free, you deserve to feel joy and smile again.  There is a reason why you are here.  It was not a mistake or accident. 


About Rose


Nice to meet you.  My name is Rose.  I was born Rose Life.  It was a horrible name as I was growing up.  I did not value it at all! I disliked it so much, that I kept my ex-husbands name after the divorce.  During this time of divorce, I began looking within myself.  How do I reconnect with the joy and happiness that other people seemed to have?  I began meditating and having these deep and emotional conversations with that inner self that I had blocked out for so many years. I worked with someone that I could fully drop the facade with and be open and honest.  I broke my heart wide open and let all the the lies I held inside about who I was or would be die.

I learned how to have a full and balanced life. I realized I had been in these dark emotional places that many people don’t ever find a way out of, and I knew I could help others find the light again.  I began studying many different spiritual modalities, The Law of Attraction, and energy work.  I became a Certified Life Coach, Master Law Of Attraction Practitioner, and Hypnotherapist. I still continue to take classes because it’s important to have a full grasp of all aspects of life for the highest benefit to my clients.  (And I love learning!)

During this time of growth the last year, I realized that my given name had been a gift and a clue for me all along.  My name, Rose Life is WHO I AM, and WHAT I AM HERE TO DO! To help people unfold and open to live incredible lives!

So, are YOU ready?  Are you willing to move forward and NOT be stuck in the same place you are now this time next year? Maybe you were in this very same please last year too.  What are you loosing (Years, money, friendships) or missing out in (Happiness, fun, freedom) from being in this place?  Are you ready to make a commitment to yourself and live with more freedom and happiness?


If you are ready to dig in, just pick the package that feels right for you.  If you have questions or would like to get a feel for who I am before making a financial commitment, now problem.  Send me an email at  We will schedule a call to see if we are right for each other.   

Certified Life Coach
Law Of Attraction
Certified Hypnotist
Spiritual Minister
Private One on One Sessions

These private meetings are usually about 1 hour in my Worthington office, but now with the world of technology, we can meet with Zoom video conferencing.  Our meetings are confidential.  We will work together to motivate, get unstuck, and embrace the change you desire.  Besides just coaching, I offer Deep Listening sessions that just allow a person to speak what is being held inside in a safe and compassionate atmosphere.  There will be some questions to get a deeper understanding of the problem, but there will not be any "Fixing" or "Doing".  This is just a place to release the things that are being bottled up inside.  Sort of like a letting go or de-pressurizing of the soul.

There is SO much more, keep scrolling!

Meditation Class or Custom Meditations

The benefits of meditation for stress relief, health, and mental clarity are really just the tip of the iceberg.  If you would like to learn or would like a custom guided meditation created for you, just check into the "Book online" section. 


The mind can be a tricky place.  It is designed to protect you from hidden dangers.  The trouble is, the danger points are sometimes things that you may not be aware of.  They could be boundaries set up by witnessing or hearing something from your childhood that you don't actually recall at all.  You can be set free.  You can change any habit or pattern.

Business Services

If you find your personal business not doing as well as you feel it should, let work together to find what is happening both for you and your costumers.  Let's breathe new live into your dream.  A custom plan will be created for you.  Contact me at:

Public Speaking

I am available to speak to many different groups about mindfulness, communication, and team building. If you are interested in hiring me, just send me a message at:


Your mindset means everything!  The thoughts you think, the actions you take, and the way you position your body say so much.  Though YOU are with YOU 24 hours a day, these things can become unconscious behavior. If you are REALLY READY for a WHOLE BEING make over- you have found your girl! I can’t say it will be easy.  You have to look deep, but the results will be worth it!

Why do I keep asking if “YOU ARE REALLY READY?”  Because I ONLY work with those who are.  If you are not sure, or not wanting change, then great!  If later, you are ready to change something, come on back!


Are you ready, or would you like to find out more information?  Zip me an email.  Let me know how you would like me to contact you.  I'll be in touch soon.

77 East Wilson Bridge Road Suite 110

Worthington, Ohio 43085

Tel: 614-465-6831

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Success! Message received. Your new life starts NOW!

What to expect during our coaching sessions

During our first visit, you will fill out a short questionnaire that will have some basic information about you, your goals, your perceived obstacles, and general feelings or beliefs.


I will ask questions of you to help uncover patterns and false or hidden beliefs that may be holding you back.  Once these blocks are brought to the light, we will know how to move past them and get you to the next step. 

What I require from you are 3 things:

  1. Honesty.  If you hold back and don’t share your true feelings about things, I can’t help you move past them.

  2. Willingness to do some homework between sessions. 

  3. Commitment to the process. 


If you are ready, I’m right here for you!

People seek coaches for many different things.  If there is change that you want, but are feeling fear about it, experiencing lack of motivation, or conflict of any kind, then coaching is for you.  We are going to make a great team!

What to expect during our meditation instruction sessions

Much like the first coaching session, you will fill out a short questionnaire that will have some basic information about you, your goals, your perceived obstacles, and general feelings or beliefs.

I will ask questions to help understand what your challenges are and what you would like to feel/experience during meditation.  The meditation package is 5 sessions and hopefully can be scheduled weekly. Like anything, practice is important.  Since studies show it can take 28 days to create a solid practice, it is very important that you continue the practice each day between sessions. 

I will give you many tools and tips to make this easy for you.  The world is a busy place right now.  Just 15 minuets a day for you can make all the difference for finding balance, peace and inner joy. YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Rose is a deeply caring and nurturing person that will listen carefully and ask direct and insightful questions to help clear away blocks that people are unsure how to navigate through.  Here are some questions to ponder before starting with any coach:

1. Who are you?  This is not a job title, what you see in the mirror, or your title given to you by your family.  What are the things in you right now that if you lost them, you would no longer be who you think you are?
2. Have you lost some of those pieces before and are looking to get them back?
3. What happens when you encounter change?

If these questions have stirred up something inside you and you can't live another moment feeling stuck, not the person you thought you were, or just want that big breakthrough, there is no time like the present!  You don't have to do this alone.

Rose is a certified Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, A certified Master Law of Attraction Practitioner, And Law Of Attraction Wealth Practitioner through courses by Joe Vitale.  She is also  an ordained Minister, and a meditation instructor. She honors and values all religious points of view without judgement.