Did you make the MOST of 2018? Do you want a REPEAT in 2019?

Here is the SAD truth.  Most people are unhappy with the progress of their lives at the end of each year.  They VOW "NEXT YEAR WILL BE DIFFERENT!"  They make New Years Resolutions and promise to keep them THIS TIME.  The really determined ones make it, but those who both WANT and FEAR change tend loose the momentum and go back to what they know and can rely on, even if it's uncomfortable.   Change can be hard without support and direction.  It's not your fault, it's the human condition. 

Group coaching could be the answer you have been waiting for.  Can you imagine having a leader that has been successful in leading groups for several years and empowering YOU to succeed in meaningful ways? Guiding you and helping you to look beyond that stuck place you are feeling right now! And what about the group dynamic?  That is UNCONDITIONAL SUPPORT!  People who feel the same way and are inspired by you and you are inspired by them! You will be part of a team helping each other!

Right now I am offering 4 weeks of FREE group coaching.  This will be once a week (I am offering 2 different time/day options starting Mid- January) and each class will be an hour to  an hour and a half.  I want to make sure that each person is able to feel supported and have clear direction.

Why am I doing this?  Well, I have a great office in Worthington, Ohio.  I am not able to serve as many people as I would like from there.  I want to offer this for the first time On-Line.  It may be bumpy as I work out the tech piece.  I don't believe in charging people as I test things for my self.  So, if you are willing to help me work things out, I am willing to help you! WIN-WIN!

If you love this and want to keep going, you can get in on the starting rates of only $55 a month for this and much more!  Details can be found by clicking here---> Membership Plans.  I want to be 100% upfront with you. I don't like to be "SOLD" after I sign up for something.  There will not be ANY pressure from me at all.  I believe each person has a right to live and do as they wish. 

So, who is the right person for this type of group coaching?

People who want change but are unsure of how to make them.

People who understand that each action they take builds on the next.

People who are willing to do the internal, emotional work.

People interested in the Law Of Attraction and would like to understand it in a deeper and more tangible way.

People who are willing to open up and share in a safe environment.

People who are ready for their best to shine through!

Who is this NOT right for?

People who feel judgemental about others.

People who are unwilling to get in touch with their true emotions.

People who are only willing to witness the physical world and not look for spiritual connection and solutions. 

People that enjoy casting blame and won't more forward with their own responsibility.

People who do not honor others time.

People who do not honor confidentiality.

Are you ready to take the leap into the BEST YEAR OF YOUR LIFE? 

If this program sounds like a fair trade to you, please sign up.  Space is limited. Select the Thursday Evening Or Sunday Morning Free Coaching Group program (These are at the bottom of the booking page). 

Please understand that these are coaching conversations and replays will NOT be sent out.  I have no control of the content if these were to be sent out, and I value the confidentiality of the group coaching environment.