Radical Honesty!

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Hi! Each of us may be struggling with something in our lives. What if we stepped into radical honesty and stopped struggling? What if we lived in truth and were free to share with the world what we REALLY don't want people to see? Could it free us in ways we never knew? I know that every one can SEE that I am larger than many other people. What people do not know is why or what is happening inside of me. I am going to share it all with you. Each week I am going to hold my own coaching session with my self (I am a life coach) and share with you the process I use that is successful for my clients.

I have to tell you that I am terrified in doing this- so that is EXACTLY why I am doing it!

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What Radical Honesty can you practice today to free yourself? ** Today can be a relative term. I created this video on 1/1/2020, but am just posting it today because it was hard for me to just put it all out there.

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